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2. Non-production Licenses

Enter the number of Servers required for Development, Test & QA. Backup Disaster Recovery machines are free.

$0.00 per year

3. Technical Support

Choose Annual Technical Support to cover you for ALL new versions of your product, provided Support is renewed year on year.

You also receive the following additional benefits:

  1. Prioritized technical assistance
  2. Free upgrades for your chosen product
  3. Research and development feature requests
  4. Bug fix requests
  5. Product update notifications via email (optional)
  6. Support renewal reminders

Technical Support at 20% of software costs, starting from $400.

$0.00 per year

Total $0.00

If you would prefer to pay by wire or check/cheque or have any questions that need answering before you place an order please email sales@bfo.com or call +44 20 7349 7053.

Purchasing Information

This page is for online credit card purchases of a single production server license for INTERNAL company use only.

If you require pricing for multiple production servers, or an OEM license then please complete our Quote Form

Alternatively drop us an email at sales@bfo.com to discuss your requirements.

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